Tuesday, November 9, 2010

EPCOT Center Food & Wine Festival Adventures - An Introduction

The Official Food & Wine Cookbook!
I've been back to Orlando twice now to enjoy the delicious delights that the EPCOT Center International Food and Wine Festival has to offer! My first visit was good, but unfortunately brief, as we had to leave by 4:30 in order to get my mother back for a performance. On that trip I did purchase a cookbook with recipes for some of the Festival offerings; the cookbook is reasonably priced, at $14.95.

The second visit, on Monday 08 November, was so amazingly epic that it is hard to find adequate words to describe the adventure. I went to the festival this time with some of the most awesome people I know: Ben, Colleen, Linda and her husband Josh.

Linda, Josh, Myself, Colleen, and Ben
We started our day just as World Showcase opened at 11 AM. Our wacky antics are probably not all that interesting to most people, so I'll omit mentioning those fun little snippets of our day. I will, however, review the food and drink we sampled around the World Showcase.

Festival Map (Click here to see a larger version)
This year there were 28 kiosks set up around the World Showcase. The five of us managed to hit 23 of these kiosks (My mother and I visited a few on the previous trip that I will also review). So in all: we hit 24 out of 28 Kiosks.

In order to accomplish this feat of gastronomic proportions, it's important to have a "Plan of Attack". How we decided to go about tackling the huge array of choices was to select a few locations around the map as "Base Camps" where we would hunker down while sharing and sampling the various small plates. After we picked some locations, we would then all venture off individually to a different kiosk and return with our delicious booty. This meant that we could experience 5 kiosks with relative speed. We went about halfway around the Showcase before stopping to digest before attempting to complete the circuit.

Because we tried so many foods, I'm going to divide the kiosk food reviews into a few separate blog posts. I'll include a recipe for whichever item I felt was the most delicious at the end of each post as well.

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